17 / 05 / 2021

Swereco AB acquires all shares in Sanicare AB as of 1 December 2021

"The acquisition of Sanicare is based on strong commercial foundations. The two companies complement each other very well in terms of product portfolio and distribution, where we see synergy gains. We are strengthening our opportunities to be active in the Nordic procurement market with a broad product portfolio of interesting products," says Hadi Ghane, CEO of Swereco AB. In total, the turnover after the acquisition is estimated to amount to more than SEK 130 million.

Annika Ulfström, CEO and co-owner of Sanicare AB says “the combination of Sanicare and Swereco will create a stronger position both towards the procurement and consumer markets. The synergies are clear and will contribute to further developing Sanicare’s product portfolio as a leading supplier of incontinence and textile aid products. Through Swereco’s broad geographic distribution, better opportunities are created to take the next step towards more markets.”

Swereco AB is owned by J2L Holding AB. The company was founded in 2009 by Johan and Louise Lindh with the goal of building an industrial group with long-term plans to develop their companies. J2L currently has a turnover of over SEK 1 billion and has more than 250 employees.

Swereco will take over as owner on 1/12 2021. The companies have already started a structured integration process. Questions are answered by CEO Hadi Ghane.

Facts and contacts

Swereco AB

Employees: 42-45
Turnover: approx. SEK 110 million
CEO: Hadi Ghane
Email: hadi.ghane@swereco.com
Tel: 073-376 27 64

Sanicare AB (Sanicare AB, Sanicare Hjälpmedel AB och Qorpus Vita AB)

Employees: 10
Turnover: approx. SEK 33 million
CEO: Annika Ulfström
Email: annika.ulfstrom@sanicare.se
Tel: 072-225 49 80