17 / 05 / 2022

Partinc Capital takes in external capital from, among others, J2L Holding

The Swedish investment company Partinc Capital AB has carried out a private placement. The money is to be invested in SaaS companies in Sweden and the Netherlands. In addition to a number of existing shareholders, several new investors participated, including J2L Holding AB and Dutch DW Vastgoed Holding BV. In connection with the issue, Johan Lindh, CEO of J2L Holding, takes a seat on Partinc Capital's board.

Partinc Capital is an investment company with a focus on SaaS companies that deliver software services for business-to-business relationships. The holding currently consists of three Swedish unlisted companies: Lynes Technologies, Younium and Hives, as well as Dutch Tie Kinetix, which is listed on Euronext in Amsterdam.

“It is very positive that we have now closed a round which means that we can both back up the companies we are already involved in and invest in new companies,” says Per Nordling, founder and partner at Partinc Capital. “We are also happy to have attracted new investors and look forward to Johan Lindh, CEO of J2L, taking a seat on our board, which brings, among other things, experience from other investment companies”.

“It will be really exciting to be part of Partinc Capital’s journey, both as an investor and a board member. J2L is an investment company that normally invests in traditional industrial companies. We see the investment as a good complement to the current business,” says Johan Lindh, CEO of J2L Holding.

“Usually we invest mainly in real estate and companies in trade, but we also have holdings in IT companies in the Netherlands. I see the investment as an opportunity to both concentrate and diversify my IT investments as Partinc Capital is an investment company that in turn invests in IT companies. It also helps that I know the team from before,” says Cees Komen, CEO of DW Vastgoed Holding BV.

About Partinc Capital

Partinc Capital is a Swedish investment company that focuses on investments in SaaS companies that deliver software services for “business-to-business” relationships. Partinc works closely with its portfolio companies, often via board representation or operational assignments. The company is represented in Sweden and the Netherlands and it is primarily in these markets that it makes its investments. See also www.partinccapital.com.

Contact persons:

Per Nordling, founder & partner Partinc Capital AB
+46 733 50 79 21

Johan Lindh, CEO J2L Holding AB
+46 8 463 06 00